Defne & Doğa Family since 1970

Defne & Doğa Corporate Group is a family-run business. In fact, the whole story began by cloning the Daphne, the mysterious leaf in terms of history and mythology of the land we grew up, in our genetic codes.

In all the work we have delivered since 1970, because these plants from the nature are source of healing in the medical literature, we started our first commercial breakthrough with “Healing from the Nature” motto in 1979. Based on the years of experience, we have carried out the supply of raw materials to companies in Turkey and abroad. Taking the advantage of 'Healing' properties of plants, we offer you different combinations of organic and conventional essential oils, fixed oils, herbal juices, herbs and herbal teas.

Today, due to the increase in cancer and other diseases, we aim our products to reach many lives in the world as a “HEALING” source. Turkey meets especially the Daphne need of the world at 90%, also hosts many endemic plants (Endemic plant, due to the ecological conditions of the region, is an indigenous plant which can only grow in certain region, and not likely to grow elsewhere in the world). For the healing properties of these plants, we urge you primarily to visit Turkey and see the magnificent Daphne trees in the Taurus Mountains and stop by our organic factory located among Daphne trees.