Thank you for choosing us! Thanks to your support, we have been there for you since 1979. Due to high demand of our mentors and many of our friends, as a manufacturer of raw materials we offer you our products under the name Defne&Doğa since 1995. Especially in this year, with the help of our specialists we put together a wide selection for you, as we have combined various products.

    Based on many years of experience we have implemented the production of raw materials for many companies in Turkey and abroad. As a result, we were able to secure an important place in public institutions, ministries and relevant websites;

    • Professors and lecturers of many universities have contacted us, visited our facilities and gave us the possibility to participate in various projects.

    • We have supported many students and postgraduates during the implementation of their work.

    • We have given the opportunity to internship with us to many students.

    • Students from diverse universities have visited our facilities.

    Due to our work, we were represented in the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) in Istanbul by 8- April 19, 2013, which was organized by the United States. In that year, for the first time the Forum was held outside the United States, namely in Turkey. As Defne & Doğa family, once again we would thank the General directorate and the staff of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Management, who hosted the Forum. As wood and non-wood producers, only 30 companies in Turkey had been accredited by the United Nations. Only 7 of the 30 companies were non-wood producers and the only Turkish representatives. We are proud to be given the opportunity to represent Turkey on such an important event.

    All that we have achieved thanks to you. As Defne & Doğa family, we thank each of you for your great support!



    We have hosted the BioFach 2016 fair in Nuremberg / GERMANY, the world's largest organic fair under the control of IFOAM as the Defne& Doğa family.